Fitting the correct Kohler manufacturers’ approved parts is an essential requirement if original performance specification and reliability is to be maintained. The long service life demanded by today’s operators is ensured by the excellent reliability and high quality of engine parts.

Bryco only supply genuine Deutz manufacturers’ parts thus ensuring complete reliability and satisfaction.

Popular Deutz  diesel engine parts include:

Kohler engines

Oil Filters

Kohler oil filters are designed to remove harmful contaminants from engine oil during periods of normal and severe service.

High efficiency filtration with synthetic fibres for hot oil resistance.

Sealing gasket compound for severe service and high temperature operation, reduces oil leakage due to hardening.


Kohler genuine belts are designed and manufactured to improve performance. Engineered to original factory specifications, Kohler’s belts will keep your equipment operating at peak performance. Belts can be v-belts or serpentine belts and include, cam belt, fan belt, drive belt, timing belt.


Gaskets maintain an engine’s seals making sure it functions as a closed, leakproof system. Industrial engines must meet strict tolerances when exposed to high heat or heavy vibrations so for these reasons genuine Kohler gaskets are the wise choice. Only genuine Kohler engine gaskets offer tested and verified performance with the company’s full lineup of industrial engines. While an aftermarket alternative may be cheaper, Kohler gaskets will deliver longer life and peace of mind.

Oil and Lubricants

The Kohler range of oils and lubricants provide outstanding equipment protection from corrosion and rust, offering reliability, durability and longer service life.

Air and Fuel Filters

The air filter is the lung of your Kohler engine and a poor quality filter inevitably leads to premature wear of the engine of your machine. A clogged or worn filter will also result in an abnormally high fuel consumption so it is recommended to replace them annually with a genuine Kohler part.

Alternators and Starter Motors

Kohler genuine alternators and starters, together with good batteries, are top quality spare parts for a sure start in every weather condition. They are manufactured with the greatest care, meeting the strictest standards and quality control demands. These units are both inter-dependant and combined and were designed to work together to guarantee top performance of your engine.

We stock thousands of Kohler engine parts

These are just a selection of the parts Bryco offer for Kohler engines. Need anything else? Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We stock thousands of parts from all the above to valve stems seals, springs and collets, studs, bolts, nuts and washers, thermostats, pistons and rings to name a few.

Bryco only supply genuine manufacturers parts thus ensuring complete reliability and your satisfaction. Please let us know what you need using the contact form below and we will get back to you with prices and availability as soon as we can.

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